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16th December 2023

More names added to  a number of villages coutesy of Tracey van Oeffelen in the Netherlands. They are Abertillery, Blaengarew, Ebbw Vale,LlanellyMonmouth,Newport, Oakdale, Pontllanfraith, Raglan,Severn Tunnel and Ynysddu. My thanks to her.


2nd November 2012

18 new photographs added to the Argus web page



21st October 2012

Small number of images added to the Argus, Cwmcan, Ebbw Vale, Newport G - J and Rogerstone folders from the Jan - June 1947 Argus.



30th September 2012

More images added to the Argus, Llantarnam, Machen, Newport, Others, Pontypool, Rhymney, Risca, Rogerstone, Usk and Watsville pages.



24th August 2012

Many new images added from the SWA dated Jan - Jun 1946



31st July 2012

One new village added, Maesygwyneth and numerous photo's to many other villages and towns from the SWA between July - December 1945.


26th April 2012

Catbrook, Gwrhay, Llanwenarth, Netherwent, New Tredegar, Redbrook, Redwick and Rudry added.

Numerous images from the SWA between January - June 1945 added.



28th February 2012

Llandegfedd, Rassau, Trefil and Whitchurch added. Numerous more photo's also added to many towns and villages taken from the SWA between July - December 1944.



2nd January 2012

Aberkenfig, Nelson, Pontllotyn and Welsh Newton added.

Many photo's added from the Jan - June 1944 editions of the SWA.



4th December 2011

Beachley and Gilwern added.

Numerous more photo's added to many town and village names

6th November 2011

LLanwern, Llysbrechfa and Maesderwen added and many more images to many villages and towns.



18th October 2011

Coed-y-Caerau, Cross Ash, Crucorney, Llanfoist, Llansoy, Llantarnam, New Inn, Tiryberth and Wyllie addes.

Numerous more photo's added to many town and village names



13th September 2011

New villages added, Brynithel, Bryngwyn, Cwncelyn, Fleu-De-Lys, Llandevaud, Llanishen, Mitchel Troy, Panteg, Penygarn, Penrheol, Talywain, and Treowen.

Numerous photo's added along with a new section of group photographs of PoW's.



23rd August 2011

Victoria Village added and numerous photo's added to many village and town names.



25th July 2011

Glascoed, Penalt and Tirphil added.

Numerous photo's of WW2 men added from October 1940 to March 1941.



10th July 2011

Monkswood, Pantygasseg, St Bravials, Trinant and Rhymney added.

Numerous photo's added of men listed as missing or PoW's as well as a number killed on or after Dunkirk from many of the towns and villages in Monmouthshire but the majority from Newport.



18th June 2011

Cefn Forest, Ponthis and Trethomas added.

New images added to Blackwood, Blaenavon, Cefn Forest, various Newport folders, Ponthir, Raglan, Risca, Tredegar, Trethomas and also the Argus and Other folders.



2nd June 2011

Three new photo's added to the Argus page and one memorial for A Rees to the Machen page.



25th May 201011

More photo's added to the Argus web page and a small number of memorials added to the Cross Keys, Cwmcarn, Cwmtillery, Monmouth, Newport J, Others, Pontymister and Sudbrook pages.



16th May 2011

More photo's added to the Argus page and memorials to the Blackwood, Cross Keys, Llanbadoc (New Page), Llangeview, Newport G-J, Usk and Wattsville pages



10th May 2011

Photographs added to the Argus page and one new one to the Tintern page.

A small amount of memorials added to the Cross Keys, Cwm, Cwmcarn, Cwmfelinfach, Ebbw Vale, Magor, Pontymister, Pontywaen, Risca, and Wattsville web pages.



10th April  2011

Nantymoel added.

Images added to Chepstow, Cross Keys, Cwmcarn, Itton, Magor, Nantyglo, Nantymoel, Newport A - C, Newport Q -T, Pontymister, Risca, Undy, Usk, Wattsville and Others.



14th December 2010

Small number of photo's added to the following area's, Aberbeeg, Argoed, Blaina, Caerleon, Caldicot, Chepstow, Cross Keys, Michaelstone-y-Vedw, Newbridge, Pontymister, Pontypool,  Risca, St Arvans, Sudbrook, Tredegar, Tutshill and Usk. Also the Argus and Others sections.



10th April 2011

New images added to Chepstow, Cross Keys, Cwmcarn, Itton, Magor, Nantymoel, Newport A - C, Newport Q - T, Pontymister, Risca, Undy, Usk and Wattsville



28th November 2010

Crick and Waunlwyd added to the villages.

Photo's added to Abercarn, Abertillery, Blackwood, Blaina, Caldicot, Chepstow, Crick, Cross Keys, Cwmbran, Cwmcarn, Ebbw Vale, Magor, all Newport sections, Pontnewynydd, Pontymister, Pontypool, Raglan, Rhiwderin, Risca, Tintern, Tredegar, Usk, and Waunlwyd as well as the Argus and Others sections.



23rd October 2010

Bishton, Cwmffrwdder, Hadodyrynys, Pentrepoid, Pomtyloel, Pontypool Road, Tycoppie and Wainfelin added.

Photo's added to, Aberbeeg, Abercarn, Abersychan, Abertillery, Bassaleg, Bishton, Blackwood, Blaenavon, Blaina, Brockweir, Caerleon, Caerwent, Chepstow, Coedkernew, Cross Keys, Crumlin, Cwm, Cwmbran, Cwmcarn, Cwmfelinfach, Cwmffrwoder, Ebbw Vale, Gandiffaith, Hafodyrynys, Itton, Llanhilleth,  Machen, Magor, Michalstone y Vedw, Nantyglo, Newbridge, Newport, Penhow, Pentrepoid, Pontllanfraith, Pontnewynydd, Pontymister, Pontymoel, Pontypool, Pontypool Road, Risca, Rogiet, Tidenham, tredegar, Trelleck, Tycoppie, Usk, Varteg, Wainfelin, Woodcroft, Ynysddu as well the Argus, Others and Unknown sections.



23rd November 2010

Numerous photographs updated to slightly better quality. Three new area's added Crosspenmaen, Raglan and Tafarnaubach.

More photo's added to Abertillery, Bargoed, Chepstow, Cross Keys, Crosspenmaen, Crumlin,Cwm, Cwmcarn, Hollybush, Llantrisant, Newbridge, Ochyrwith, Pontnewynydd, Rogerstone, Six Bells, Wattsville, most of the Newport sections, the Argus and Others sections.



5th October 2010

Blaengarw, Gandiffaith, Llangeview, Llanthewy and Ystrad Mynach added.

More additions to Abergavenny, Blackwood, Blaengarw, Brockweir, Caerleon, Chepstow, Crumlin, Devauden, Gandiffaith, Itton, Llangeview, Llanthewy, Machen, Magor, various Newport, Pontllanfraith, Pontnewydd, Pontypool, Ponywaen, Risca, Rogiet, Undy, Usk, Ystrad Mynach and also the Argus, Unknown and Other sections.



23rd September 2010

Villages of  Llanelly. Ochyrwith and St Mellons added.

Photo's added to Abercarn, Argoed, Bedwas, Blaenavon, Blaina, Caerphilly, Chepstow, Crumlin, Cwm, Cwmcarn, Cwmfelinfach, Llanelly, Machen, Newport, Ochyrwith, Pontypool, Pontywaen, Risca, Rogerstone, St Arvarns, St Mellons, Tintern, Tutshill, Woodcroft and Woolaston as well as the Argus and others.



7th September 2010

Beaufort, St Brides and Wentlooge added to the village names. Photo's added to Abertillery, Beaufort, Blackwood, Blaenavon, Brynteg, Chepstow, Cross Keys, Ebbw Vale, Llandenny, Newbridge, Newport pages, Pontllanfraith, Pontypool, Risca, Shirenewton, St Arvans, St Brides, Usk and Wentlooge pages as well as the the Argus and Other pages.



24th August 2010

Brithdir and Michaelstone-y-Vedw villages added.

New photo's added to Abercarn, Argus, Blaenavon, Blaina, Brithdir, Caldicot, Chepstow, Cross Keys, Crumlin, Cwncarn, Devauden, Llantrisent, Machen, Mathern, Michaelstone-y-Vedw, Nantyglo, Newbridge, Newport, Pontymister, Pontypool, Pontywaen, Risca, Sudbrook and Tutshill.



17th August 2010

Three villages added, Bedwas, llanhennock and Sebastopol.

Photo's added to Abercarn, Abertillery, Bedwas, Blackwood, Blaina, Caerwent, Castleton, Chepstow, Cross Keys, Llanhennock, Llanhilleth, Llanvair Discoed, Magor, Mathern, Newport, Others, Pentwynmawr, Pontnewydd, Pontymister, Pontypool, Risca, Rogerstone, Rogiet, Sebastopol, Sudbrook, Tintern, Tredegar, Usk, Woolaston and Ynysddu



9th August 2010

Mounton and Pwlmeric added.

More photo's added to Abercarn, Argus, Blaina, Caldicot, Chepstow, Croesyceilog, Cross Keys, Crumlin, Llanhilleth, Mounton, Nantyglo, Newport, Others, Pontypool, Pwlmeric, Shirenewton, Tredegar, Tutshill, Undy, Usk and Ynysddu.



29th July 2010

Langstone, Portskewett and Pontrhydyrun added.

Photo's added to Abercarn, Abertillery, Argus, Bargoed, Bassaleg, Blackwood, Blaina, Caerwent, Caldicot, Chepstow, Cwmcarn, Cwmfelinfach, Langstone, Llanhilleth, Mathern, Nantyglo, Newport, Other's, Pontryhdyrun, Pontymister, Pontypool, Portskewett, Risca, Rogerstone, Shirenewton, Six Bells, Tintern, Tredegar, Troedrhiwgwair, Tutshill and Unknown.



19th July 2010

Abegavenny, Cwmpenmain, Kilgwrrwg, Llangibby, Rockwood, The Graig, and Ynysddu locations added.

Images added to 48 locations



13th July 2010

Bassaleg, Brynmawr, Coedkernew, Cwmavon, Goldcliff, Llanvair Discoed, Llysbrechfa, Mathern, Rhiwderin, Sedury, Croesyceilog and Tutshill added.

Photo's added to these and many other area's



3rd July 2010

Brockweir, Caerleon, Penhow, Llanbradach and Rogiet added.

Photo's added to Abercarn, Abertillery, Brockweir, Caerleon, Chepstow, Cross Keys, Crumlin, Cwmcarn, Ebbw Vale, Llanbradach, Newport, Penhow, Pontnewynydd, Pontypool, Pontywaen, Risca, Rogerstone, Rogiet, Tredegar as well as the Others and Unknown folders.



28th June 2010

Caerphilly, Itton and Woodcroft added along with new images for Abercarn, Caerphilly, Cwmbran, Itton, Newbridge, Newport, Pontymister, Shirenewton, Tidenham and Woodcroft.





Shaun McGuire 2008