Monmouthshire Warriors

South Wales Argus



Where's my hat?        War Wedding                War Starts                      Virol                  Terror of the seas           Royal Enfield                 Reynolds



Reading the Argus              Prams              The man to be pitied             Pill Boys                  Phillips Tea                  Nude Man              Maud Stephens



Magor Red Cross        W R Lysaght             Lord Tredegar            London House                   Jays                    Empire Theatre          Drowned brides



County Furnishers          Car accident          Captain Overboard         Argus Smokes               Air Battle               Reggie Richards             Taylor furs



 Spoiled Shells           Munition Workers                Irish German             Hospital Romance     Female Munition Workers      Dr. Cassells Tablets



Welsh Hope                Annie Saker                   Redshaws               Mary Pickford              Phospherine               Nestles Milk             Maypole Tea



Howells of Cardiff       Golden Wedding         Empire Theatre          Electric Theatre              Coliseum                Charlie Chaplin              Clara Butt



    Bigamist               Australian deaths      Wellsteeds garage      Chepstow Wedding   Percy Blackborrow       Fatal Motorbike         General Booth



Ten years jail                A domestic!!             Hopeless case                    Jays                  Killed on the line       Mr W R Lysaght             Machinists



  New Mayor                 Wellsteads                  H Samuel                 Hockey Club                Model Club            Three men buried        Golden Wedding



 Clincher tyres               Fatal fight              Golden wedding       Billiard Champion          Cheerio Girls               Icilma Cream           Living Models



St Johns War Shrine    Style and Mantte           The Pleiades               2000 shaves               Hockey team              Boat fatality                   Coliseum



     Lyseum                 Monkey brand           Moseleys Food        Sausage Destroyer    Red Cross Workers    Turban Puddings                 Visitor



Ten Bob Note               Baby Show               Baptist church             Central Hall              Jimmy Leslie              Stewart Jones                Prize baby



 Rheumatism                  Tin Willie               Tragic Accident                 Venos                         Cuticura           Mothers vengeance               Pianist



  Pill Harriers           Seafarers Pension         Miss J Davies       Boiling water death          Civvy flying              House for sale                 Pavillion



     Poster                   Prince of Wales           SS Macedonia            Wedding Fight!              Wrestling                    War Apple                   Speeding



 Salmon catch               Dunlop tyres              F N Morgan                Motor show                Mrs Thain                Narrow escape               Olympia


 Sealed Orders           Intrepid airman         St Arvans tragedy    NAC hockey team         Constable shot             Cars for sale            Abandoned baby



YMCA Hockey           Father Hickey           Mary Pickford             Unsafe houses                Motor death           Stolen firelighters          Drunken joke



 Dog show                 Burnt house               Boys Brigade          Blessing the crops  Ambulance champions         Missing girl                 525 for car



Bullet in heart          Vacuum cleaner  Newport Internationals         "I am done"                   Ss Cheldale                 Ss Cheldale                 Ss Cheldale



   Who is he?                  Saved child              Sang in water              Bombing raid              Raglan Street             Scraps plane                 Plane crash



Triple murder             Triple murder             Triple murder           Home Guard hero          "Heil Hitler"                Fire Float                  Emlyn Street



     Dunkirk                 Driving license            Dornier crash       Church Road school      No bottle parties             Bombers                   Balloon victim



Back on the job        Scrap aluminium          Dead MN men             Young Hero            Fire watch trajedy           Capstan                        Caddies



    Baby Boy            Babes in the wood               Clippies                   Dead drunk             Dublin bombed         Factory explosion             Fatally hurt



 German pilot                Girl cadets                Gracie Fields            Derek Manship            Home Guard            Factory inquests          King of Greece



Douglas Bader           Bader escapes         Model locomotive     Mannheim bombed        Mary Lawson               Out of hours                  Paratroops



  Prison break                Sea raider                    Spy shot                 St Julians ATC             Tommy "toes"         Touched Uboat                Usk hero



  Wanna fight?        Viscount Tredegar        St Julians ATC         Pride of Newport         Pride of Newport             NHS ATC              Messenger boys




  Itton tragedy         The Empire burns       The Empire burns       Drank Blood               Bulmoor Lido           British Restaurant        Army's mistake



Welsh Guards                 Uboat                            Traitor                  Railway family                 Plaque                       Wedding                       Parade



Swimming club               Lancaster                     Lancaster                 Horse power                Executed              Dinghy Madness              Bus Crash


                                                             Alexandra Road      Wings for Victory               W.A.P.C.             Princess Elizabeth          On the buses                   Odeon                          N.F.S.



Mystery Message         Lloyd George                Land girls               Indignant seaman     Home Guards killed England captain killed      Civil Defence



ATS march past              ATS girls              ARP messengers          Water Belles                  Two bodies          Red Cross Society       RAF March Past



Parachue failure         Nursery babes               MN Queen                 MN Queen          Lt. R M Marshall               Lancaster        Home Guard Awards




 Home Guard         Hatherleigh school          Cadet gliding             Gliding school        Gaer punch & Judy          Friendly fire                Farm appeal




       DFC's                  Cwmbran ATC             Brains HPA             Borough of Barry          Bonny Babes            Bassaleg School           Rugby Star



Rammed E Boat         Para-Troopers        Parachuting Padre      Motrcycle's crash             Mosquito                   Lovells AFC.             Lovells dance



   Langstone              Laced with beer           German PoW's      Double summertime        Bonny triplets           All Saints church         All Black killed



Wounded Soldiers          Saved at sea               Rugby match    Round the world Lancaster     Record Babies     Plane crash on school      Paris liberated



   Not to go!                    Marriage             John Frost statue    Home Guard awards         Flying bombs                Fire Guard                    Evacuees



     Evacuees              Entertainment                Deserters                        Cubs                         Cinema's         Rommel killed in "car crash"        Burdall's



Child Cruelty 1          Child Cruelty 2           Child Cruelty 3           Child Cruelty 4             Death Jump          Escaped Germans             Still missing



   Execution                Farewell Yanks           Gaer VE Day         Gaer Park VE Day        Goering Flee's     Hewertson St. VE Day         HMHS Atlantis



Murdered Britons             Rescuer                    100 Not Out!           Rogerstone HG.              Swimmers             Town Hall crowd      Blood Transfusion



Waiting crowd           Winning Nurses               Usk AC                      Snubbed                     Shot Dead              Knocked Down      Rogerstone Caenival



       Retired                  Remembrance              Privileges!                       PoW's                  New Prefab's                   Mutiny                     Monty visits



Ice cream seller            Gaer People                Decoy town             Cremated father          Cookery Class         Carnival Queen                Behraded



 Bedwas Nurses        Severn Barrage               Atom find               Hitlers A Bomb         Armed Gangster                 A R C                     Plane Crash



     AA Chief               Grange Works            Girls Brigade                      Fire                       Fire Brigade                 GI. bride                 Beachley Camp



    Banana's              Air Raid Shelter       Aircraft destroyed              50 years                      1st Mons.         Maesglas Youth Club     Maesglas Grove



  Lovells AFC               Lovells AFC            MN letter 1946          More land girls       Lancaster explodes       Kill the seamen              Logie Baird



Home Guard Dance       HMS Enterprise         High Cross kids              Helicopters         Yanks going home               GI Bride                   W. A. P. F.



      UXB's                        GI bride                       GI bride                      GI bride           Rogerstone triplets             To hang                   Submarine loss



St John Ambuance      P&A Ravenswood            Rail crash           Portskewett school         Portland Street           Skyscraper hit              Over the top



Object explodes              NHS Rugby       World Championship       Women Police                 GI Bride                  Westward Ho              Welsh murder



   GI Bride              War crimes advisor          Tree felling                   GI Bride                  Stolen watch                  GI Bride              Severn bridge 1946



Severn bridge 1946        Servicing Jets         Rotary Club 1946        Rogerstone Fete            River Ebbw              Remembrance            Red Cross Cert.



Phantom sailor            Paul Robeson              Ossy's pride                 GI Bride                  Newport Police            New Houses                 New bridge



Model aircraft                 GI Bride                 Maindee Cons.                GI Bride                 Lived on dew                  GI Bride              Horticultural Ass.



     GI Brides                   Ghandi ill                GI Brides death               GI Bride                    Dead Otter                   GI Bride                    GI Bride



     GI Bride                 Civic Parade     Christchurch memorial             Cenotaph                   Cenotaph             Cardiff v Newport                Buses




Bristol Queen                Billy Lucas                   Bigamist                  Bad Parking               Army Camp              Armed Robbery           Steel houses



  Steel houses            Red Cross Cert.  Buried in Wedding Dress     Stow Hill 1947               Ring Road              Bread Rationing          WW1 Plaque



 NAC Bowles                    Killed                  High Street 1947         Handpost 1947            Girls Brigade             Exit, Exit, Exit        Bridge Street 1947



  Violent man              Out and back              Newport Hero             Model gliders            Mayor's flight              Killed in Riot                 House fire



    Handpost                German bride           Escaped prisoner         Death sentence            Crindau boys               Crindau boys                  Cenotaph



Cardiff Queen                 Auto pilot             Four generations




Shaun McGuire 2008